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Thursday, 29 June 2017

The boosted guide to earn money with amazon affiliate program. (Updated)

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online, There are millions of people using affiliate program. So, Today, I decide to explain amazon affiliate program

Do you know? shoutmeloud earn  $31,635.64 affiliate marketing, So if you also want to ear money like this join the amazon affiliate now.

How to Join amazon affiliate?  

To be a amazon affiliate users you need to follow below steps and you will become a part of it. So follow me -

Join to amazon affiliate program

  • Now will be redirected to the Sign-Up page, Submit your original Email address and Password. 
If you already have created an account than ignore this steps. 

Sign up with valid email and password

  • Now enter your name, payee name and valid bank details with PAN CARD and submit it. 
  • Now, wait for few hours to approve your account.
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How to use and manage amazon affiliate?

                  Now you can access your account after getting approval easily, Bytheway, now time to hard work for big money, Just because , on affiliate program is work like this more promote for more money! 
 So, let's start with login account to promote and seal product . . and i divide in 3 part .

Part 1: Login and get into the dashboard, 
Part 2: Find The Product, 
Part 3: Get the Link or, HTML embedded code.

Now, time to explain all parts-
Part 1: Login your account and get into the dashboard:

Well, you have thinking that I did divide this process into a part for long article, That is aboustutly not. Some people, may be you also, confused to login because the registration and the login page are same looking. So read it carefully .

  • At first goto the homepage by click here and click into to login.
  • After, click login , a login page will appear just  like the registration page, Don't worry enter your eamil id on the box and choose the option " I am a returning customer, and my password is" and here enter your password on the box, click to sign in.
  • Now, You are into the  dashboard 
dashboard of the site
In the dashboard, you can track earnings and clicks and also you can search the product which you want to seal.

Part 2: Find the product: 

Trick 1
And now time to find the product , Well it is so much easy to find a product, You have just drop the product name into the search box , click on search.
seraching product
Trick 2
This is working only on pc device.

 In this section i will tech you that, How can you link any search or any pages with SiteStripe, Follow me .

1. First you need to do login your account, after login, click on the new tab , and goto the , or
2. Choose the product which you like, when you found the product you will get option on header like this 
link image

3. Now send the link to your friends or ADD iframe HTML code on your blog.

  Part 3Get the Link or, HTML embedded code.

   After create account, there is little bit difficult generate link for Newbie, So for the newbie users plz read this step carefully. 

  You can generate a link by 2 methods, First by The search product name and another is SiteStripe. Site stripe is new on this website.

Search product method is very simple , but the another is little bit difficult. To know more about associate SiteStripe

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  How to seal product faster?

If  you think that , you will send  your affliate link to your friends on facebook, whatsapp or any social app and earn money, than you are wrong . Without hard work you can't earn money, So here i give all tips which i use for promote my product.

For blogger: Maximum pro blogger earn money from affliate marketing, So here my tips which you can used for promote your product. Write a review about the product on the blog and content must be filed with those information : 
  1. Why should your visitor buy this product.
  2. Advantage and disadvantage both of the product.
  3. Make good trust between visitor and your. 
  4. Add some special idea of your mind.
Youtuber: Yess.. You can seal by youtube and it is very easy to promote. So what you have to do?
Simple, Make a video review about the product just like TV advirtiser. Follow below tips before creating video
  1. Don't add disadvantage, on video tell only good side.
  2. Good picture quality , Background and show your self on the video to make trust.
  3. Tell them that I personly using this.
Social apps: Ok, I know you like this. So i think that you know better from me on it. But in this case you will chat for your profit.

  • You  can chat with your friends and ask for buy any product.
  • Tell them, I found a good offer for you  ,Please check it (Your affiliate link)
I persong use a script for sell product with chating. Here i will giving you to your hand:

Me: Hi 

Customer: Hello

Me: Hello..! I am Pranab, I am working on a blog (Your Blog/site nam) , Today i found a big deal on Amazon , So I decided to share it with all my friends . Do you want to check it?

Customer: Yes..

Me: Thank you.. Here is it (Your affiliate link). This limited period offer, if you want buy it before expired.

Customers: Wait I am checking..

Thats all.

I sell daily 3-5 Products with this script in 1-2 Hours. I know you can do better from me. Prof it. 

If you have any idea , please comment below or mail us..

Some Question About this article. 

1. How much I can earn daily / Monthly?
> Actually, There are no limit of earning, You can earn unlimited cash with this. And it is depend on your sell.

2. What is the best way for promote product?
> Well, If you are newbie/beginner then try to sell product with social apps,If you are a blogger then you can go for blogging and Youtube platform.

3. Minimum payout?
> Rs: 1000, And you can withdraw it via bank transfer.

4. Is it trusted?
> Yess... 1000% trusted, You can spend your times without worried.

Final words: So guys this is the best article and this content will update with special tips. If you follow my steps I think you will get result soon.


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