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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Jio Limit Bypass: Jio unlimited Free Internet using UDP Trick.

Hello, Everyone! Today I found a new awesome Free Internet Tricks for JIO users Now, You can bypass jio Daily Limit  easily, This trick is based on UDP Port and VPN, If want to learn more about UDP ports click here , Well, I have already shared  Free Internet Tricks for Airtel users. And today I an going to share most popular Network JIO's Unlimited Free Internet Trick.
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JIO  Free Internet Trick

Jio Network has become very viral and popular with their offer, But now Jio limited their Data 1/2GB per day. But most of the people like to Download freely without worry about DATA limit. So, After a lot of experiment, I found some Open Local UDP ports for Jio Network , In this post, I gonna teach you that how can you use those open UDP ports for free Internet. So. Let's start.


  • High Seed 4G browsing + Download
  • Unlimited Download supported
  • 1 GB daily limit bypass.
Well, I think that is enough. So why we are waiting for guys lets go for the Trick.

Required APKs:
As , I already told you that is Port based Tricks, So You can use any VPN which is  UDP port supported. Here I give you best UDP Port supported VPNs.
1. Droid VPN 
2. Finch VPN 
Airtel unlimited Free Internet with XP Psiphon vpn
Which UDP ports are working now?
I found 3 open UDP ports 52939,50879, 48626

Let's go With  Droid VPN: 

➤ At first download Droid VPN and Create a New a/c or, If you already have A/C login into droid VPN.
Login Droid VPN

➤ Click on setting > local UDP port > Put UDP Port 52939 / 50879 or 48626
Working UDP port

➤Now Go back and choose any server, Then hit connect. Wait for few minutes.

It will connect.
Droid VPN is limited , 250MB per day. You can upgrade your a/c for Unlimited acccess.
Prof: Prof will be added soon.

With Finch VPN: 

1.At first download finch VPN and create a new a/c.
2. Go to setting > Local Port binding > Local port number > Put any working port here.
eg :52939
3. Go back and hit connect.
Finch Vpn connecct

Now you can enjoy 3GB per a/c.. For unlimited create unlimited a/c.

52939 this port is confirmed from Maharashtra, If ths trick worked for you please comment your state

Final Word: So, Guys , Here is the best and full guide for free internet trick, Read it and enjoy .

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  1. Noy workimg, why you make crappy post

    1. It is working on MH, Please follow all steps carefully. If you are getting same problem use 49200, 9200, port

  2. West bangal ka port do


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