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Sunday, 9 July 2017

How to change facebook username before 60 days? Bypass Limit.

Hey, Are you mistakenly changed facebook name and now you could not change FB name before 60 daysDon't worry! here today I will teach you how easily you can change FB name before  60 days and bypass the name changing limit easily. I have already shared How to make money with facebook?

How to change Facebook (FB)  before 60 days?

Fb name change before limit

Well, Some of new fb users are changed there name mistakenly, Even I changed my fb name by mistake and then I was found a trick to change name. Today, I gonna share this trick with you. Hope it will helpful to you.
Note: By using this trick you can replace the current name with old name. You cant add new name.
 About this trick: This is function Facebook officially added. This trick is used for hacked a/c. If someone hacked your account and they were changed your name. Now, somehow you recover your account and you want change fb name then you use this trick. Facebook specially added this function for hacked account.

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So let's start:
Follow my instruction carefully.

➧ At first Go to this facebook name change page

➧ Click on get started and then click continue 

➧ Now, You need to change Your current password. After that FB will show your recent activities. e.g Check apps, mobile number, email etc. Skip them all.

➧Ok, After skip change number, email. There will appear a message that You have recently changed your name.

➧They will show you, Your previous names, Now select a name and save it.

➧Now Facebook will show the name, which you have selected.

So, Friends follow these steps and change your name. If you have any trouble to change name let us know in the comment box.

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